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Students Enriched in Education & Dance (S.E.E.D.) Program

Classes are offered in Brentwood and Oakland on a seasonal basis for youth, ages 5-17.

The 3 major goals of the S.E.E.D. Youth Program are:

  1. to teach Philippine Folk Dance as a tool for students to learn about Philippine arts and nurture cultural pride and identity;
  2. to build a platform for students to perform publicly and share Philippine cultural arts to diverse audiences;
  3. to create a safe, performing arts space for students to gain confidence, self-respect, and a sense of community.

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of Philippine Folk Dance from various regions of the Philippines and apply them to choreography. All students are encouraged to participate in the end-of-season performances and community events.

For more information, please contact: 

Jennifer Cruz Reyes Oakland SEED Program Manager
***Contact Info Coming Soon***

Maria Honrada Brentwood SEED Program Manager
(925) 352-4159

The SEED Program is supported by individual donors and corporate sponsors.

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